Annual Report 2010

This is the organizational annual report of One Degree Initiative of 2010

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Bi-annual Newsletter 2008 (Finding Tomorrow)

‘Finding Tomorrow’ is a celebration of youth empowerment and young heroes. 1° Initiative proudly presents to its enthusiasts a move that salutes those innumerable children who’ve shown us how to smile through the toughest battles of life. It doesn’t take a sweeping revolution to change society; it can start very small and virtually anywhere with a speck of laughter. It can begin at a dilapidated, tin-shed school at the corner of a reeking slum and end up a national award ceremony honouring young achievers.

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Bi-annual Newsletter 2010

This newsletter is a brilliant piece of work and not necessarily because of what the following pages contain. It is so special because a very diverse group of people came together to make it. They are as young as 15 and as old as 25. They live in four different countries and go to eight different schools and universities. While it is you who will decide whether what they put together is amazing or not, the fact that they managed to work together at all is an amazing feat in itself.

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One Degree Initiative – Organizational Report

This is the organizational report of One Degree Initiative.

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