Degrees on Wheels/Training on Wheels


‘Degrees on Wheels’ (DoW) is a cycling campaign that aims to replace the cars on the streets with bicycles. During the project volunteers cycle to various schools and universities in Dhaka city, informing students, faculty members and by-standers about the benefits of cycling. To make the campaign more effective, a cycling training program called ‘Training on Wheels’ (ToW) was introduced. It is a yearlong program where expert cyclists train anyone who is willing to learn how to ride a bicycle.


DoW and ToW aim to mobilize youth, take a stand towards reducing pollution and traffic, raise awareness on climate change and help tackle it. Additionally, safety precautions such as wearing helmet is introduced, exercise and inexpensive recreation is promoted.


DoW has been a great success among youngsters and has even inspired some of the volunteers of 1° Initiative to actively take up cycling as a major form of transport, sometimes even to cover large distances to class. ToW classes have been available for people of all ages in three different locations of Dhaka, this has specially motivated teens and adults who have not had the opportunity to learn how to ride previously.


DoW was initiated on 10.10.10 in partnership with and 10:10 Bangladesh as a stand against climate change where volunteers of 1° Initiative cycled around the city and replaced 50 fluorescent bulb with energy saving CFL bulbs. The campaign was continued on 20.11.2011 where the teams cycled to schools and introduced them to the benefits of cycling. To strengthen the campaign, a year-long cycling training program, Training on Wheels was launched in 3 areas in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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Ongkuron is a youth led organization for community service. It is a platform for engaging young people into social works for bringing about sustainable development in the community.