Winter Clothes Collection and Distribution


While the privileged and affluent anticipate winter every year, bringing out their pashminas and making plans for picnics, the deprived mass ofBangladeshdon’t quite welcome winter in the same way. Other than the obvious struggle of the Dhaka street-dwellers during the cold nights, death is not uncommon in the remote villages of Bangladesh, specially those situated in the northern part. With this thought in mind the volunteers of 1° Initiative engage themselves in the annual winter clothes drive, hoping to spread a little more warmth every winter.


Through this project 1° Initiative motivates volunteers to fulfill their moral and social obligations, as well as to conduct community mapping exercises.


Since 2006, 1° Initiative has distributed warm clothes amongst the less fortunate and to date, have handed out over 15,000 pieces of clothing and a few thousand blankets throughout several divisions of Bangladesh, including Rajshahi, Rangpur, Sylhet, Khulna and Dhaka.