Shuddho Likhi


Volunteers taking to the street to correct mistakes in English and Bangla on billboards, signboards, posters etc.


Unfortunately amidst all the advertising, are many errors in spelling and grammar alike. These blunders surpass language barriers and are common in English & Bangla both. Hence, the aim of the project was to encourage literacy and correct usage of languages in the country.


Volunteers take to the streets armed with paint brushes, acrylic and markers ready to bring about change. The teams of volunteers divided and made it their duty to correct these errors.


On 21st February 2014, the One Degree Initiative Foundation took action to change these errors with an army of volunteers. Since then, the project has gone on to cover different parts of Dhaka city every month and encourage others to take their own initiatives in their communities.


Shuddho Likhi is a monthly project. As of July, 2014, we have corrected more than a thousand inaccuracies and inspired bystanders and many others.