Shorey Aw


Project Shorey Aw is an awareness building workshop that aims to empower students from rural areas in grades 9-12, which includes SSC and HSC candidates.


Shorey Aw aims to encourage students to renew their interest in their education through the workshop and to plan for the future. As a result, they would endeavour to be good citizens who try to make a significant contribution to the society.


The workshop consists of two segments – Academic Awareness and Initiative Building. The Academic Awareness segment consists of the team informing students about the diverse kinds of academic opportunities beyond the higher secondary school level, discussing the options and opportunities available to them, including the importance of having alternative options, and encouraging the students to work together to explore all the options from beforehand. The Initiative Building segment shares inspiring stories about successful initiatives that have been taken within the country and the local region that have helped make a positive change. The students are made to participate through an exercise to identify problems in their lives and search for the correct initiative which should be taken in order to solve the problems together.


Shorey Aw was launched in 2010 with volunteers visiting Horimonjori Pilot Girls’ High School of Kapasia, Gazipur. The students who were reached out were enthusiastic about 1° Initiative’s invasion, talking amongst themselves and with the members for guidance about how they could implement solutions. By the end of the session everyone swore to open their eyes, chase their dreams, work in unison and help their community.