Project Lalkuthi


Project Lalkuthi focuses on providing extracurricular opportunities for primary school students in schools without such facilities. Students in these schools are given dance, drama & poetry or arts & crafts lessons for a month. At the end of the program, the students showcase what they learnt to their community, creating stronger relationships between schools, parents and other stakeholders.


Project Lalkuthi aims to provide an outlet for creativity to young students who also gain experience and develop better self-confidence in the process.


In 2010, students of Islamia Bohumukhi High School, S.A.H. Kalander Girls’ High School and W.V.A. Primary School sang, danced, recited and showcased their artwork at the cultural program arranged at Lalkuthi, co-organised by Urban Study Group (USG). It reflecting what they learnt during the month long series of workshops and left the children inspired to dream.


The project was inspired by Lalkuthi, the very first auditorium in Bangladesh (situated in Puran Dhaka) and it is there that the cultural show for the pilot Project Lalkuthi was held. Lalkuthi Auditorium in Old Dhaka remains as an inuential heritage site, and therefore inspired the naming of the project.