Library Building Project


The Library Building Project is one of the 1° Initiative flagship projects, which involves setting up libraries in various underfunded schools across the country.


Through research, it is seen that many children do not get access to education due to the high costs behind education. Parents often cannot keep up with the demanding school fees and
books costs.

1° Initiative aims to remove this problem by providing the opportunity of easy access to books to children and also promote learning among students by motivating them to take up reading habits. Our goal is also to make sure these libraries are well maintained and actively used.


Volunteers collect all kinds of books, newspapers and donations from their community. The contents are then categorized according to suitable readers and as fiction or reference material. Newspaper, magazines and unsuitable books are then traded for more useful books. The volunteers then arrange the books themselves, sometimes in the shelves of new libraries being set up and sometimes in old libraries waiting to be revived. Volunteers also establish registers for keeping proper library records.


In 2008, 1° Initiative conducted its first book drive and donated them to Ekmattra, a rehabilitation centre for street children. Since then there have been many other libraries we have associated with, including the libraries for Alok Shishu Shikkhaloy, Abdur Gofur Memorial Secondary School (Laukhali, Jessore), Oggro, Jaago, Pogose School (Puran Dhaka) and Poverty Fighter Foundation (PFF). Till date, 1° Initiative has distributed over 2,000 books to 17 different libraries.