Ichheypuron with Shakib Al Hasan

On September 3, 2014, a group of children’s wish to play cricket with Shakib Al Hasan was fulfilled at the Cricket Academy field. Ichheypuron, a concern of One Degree Initiative Foundation in partnership with Baagher Baccha Digital and Colours FM aims at fulfilling the wishes of children from all socioeconomic backgrounds – be it having an icecream to spending a day with the world’s best all-rounder. The children, who live in the slums at Kalabagan are ardent fans of Shakib Al Hasan and have always dreamed of meeting him. To top the dream, they wanted to play a match with him.


On the morning of the great event, the children were found excitedly waiting at the Cricket Academy in Mirpur. Shakib’s entrance brought a round of cheers, which quickly turned into a match. Shakib chose to bowl in the beginning and was caught off guard by a Super Six from one of the youngsters. After all the children had their turn with Shakib’s bowling in the first innings, they moved to the second. With Shakib on the bat, 10-year old Shagor was eager to take a few quick wickets and missed only by a millimeter. Through the game, the children built a rapport with the cricket star and even praised Shagor’s hand at the game!


“I had a great time, but what’s more important is that the children enjoyed it thoroughly!” said Shakib Al Hasan.


At the end of the match, Shakib Al Hasan was presented with a SuperHero badge by Sabhanaz Rashid Diya, Founder of One Degree Initiative Foundation. In a quick conversation with the crowd and volunteers, he shared his enthusiasm and applauded the initiative.

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