Creating Bangladesh’s First Crowd-Sourced Youth Manifesto

How can we use technology to make governments more accountable? How can we ensure our voices reach decision makers?

With the City Corporation Elections just around the corners, all candidates are busy campaigning and winning voters’ support. Heavyweight candidates Annisul Huq, Mahi B. Chowdhury, Tabith Awal and Zonayed Saki have already created a strong presence amongst youth – and debates in live television shows have brought their manifestos in perspective.

What if we could flip the switch? What if manifestos were not created by election candidates, but by the very people they wish to address? What if we could do a power shift?


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With the intent of engaging young people in democratic processes and making public representatives more accountable to people’s needs, the online portal was initiated jointly by One Degree Initiative Foundation, Jagoree,, Change Bangladesh, and Dhaka Comics. Over 300,000 young people participated through the portal to create nation’s first crowd-sourced youth manifesto – identifying issues and promises that matter to young people.

From the people, to the leaders.