With the belief that equipping the younger generations with a knowledge bank beyond their academic and social boundaries will expand their perspectives, 1° Initiative hosts various knowledge-based workshops every year. Each workshop is arranged after thorough research in the areas of weakness for the present and upcoming generations. The topics range from the history of Bangladesh to first aid and presentation tips.


Mentorship is important both on and off the field, and so, 1° Initiative works with pioneers and experts from different fields to design short-term and long-term curricula for volunteers to exercise their minds even when off the field. Being active citizens is as much about proficiency of the mind as community management. Thus the ChalkTalk workshops work hand in hand with the projects as well as the volunteers’ own daily conduct as active citizens.


1° Initiative hosted various workshops focusing on capacity building, skill development and raising awareness. Some of the past workshops include Public Speaking and Advocacy, Design Thinking, Citizen Journalism, Recycling, and First Aid. Guest speakers such as Asif Saleh of BRAC, Ejaj Ahmad of BYLC, Elita Karim of The Daily Star and Samira Sadeque of Dhaka Tribune.