1° of Learning


1° of Learning is an interactive quiz competition for young school children which provides a platform where students from different underprivileged school also interact and share ideas with each other. The project comprises of intra and inter-school quiz competitions, where students of many schools compete against one another, testing their knowledge and how they perform outside school. Workshops too are held, teaching the students a variety of things: from history, hygiene to basic moral lessons.


The purpose of the project is to inspire the participants to harness their talents, get them excited about learning, adapting to teamwork and reviving school spirit. It is also an opportunity for volunteers to be introduced to the essence of social work and for them to experience an amazing bonding with the students.


1° of Learning was launched in 2008 and has outreached to over 14 different schools in Dhaka and Sathkhira. During follow-ups it was found that several of the participating schools experience higher enrolment because students were are motivated to go to school and parents were strongly motivated by the added exposure.