Evaluation and Impact

The 1° model combines mentorship with capacity building and community service. With the purpose of creating active citizens and to promote entrepreneurship, One Degree Initiative Foundation has proven to be very successful with its approaches. Till date, the organization has reached out to 6500 plus volunteers. 1° members come from a range of social backgrounds and combine their specific skills and ideas towards bringing about a social change. 1° provides a platform for their ideas to be recognized and to become reality.


Our success stories show how beneficiaries are now more engaged with their communities, having started their own nonprofits or projects to help people in need. Projects range from providing primary school education to slum children to aiding physically challenged individuals with logistic and learning tools. At corporate workplaces, our beneficiaries have enriched CSR activities, involving their companies to create mobile libraries for children, starting scholarship funds and getting employees to donate 10% of their monthly work hours to volunteer at charities.