Who We Are

A registered nonprofit youth organization based in Bangladesh with chapters in Canada, USA and Nepal.

What We Do

Provide mentorship (between 6 to 18 months) to young people aged 15-25 years to engage them in active citizenship and social entrepreneurship

Why We Do It

65 percent of 170 million people in Bangladesh are below the age of 40. The global population stands at 7 billion with a predominant youth presence. It is essential to equip today’s youth with tools to effectively manage their lives and communities, thereby creating today’s visionaries and tomorrow’s leaders. We believe in the power of youth, of young people investing in young people and youth changing the world for the better. We believe in the now and the importance of youth representation in decision making.

How We Do It

Our unique mentorship program is a ‘real life classroom’. We challenge youth to take charge of their problems and those of people around them, and use innovative yet frugal approaches to tackling them. Our model tests and prepares through theory and practice, placing young people in initiatives where they work with locals to make a sustainable positive difference. Through either community projects or social enterprises, the power of taking charge and giving back, sustainable solutions and grassroots empowerment are imbued into the work we do, thereby creating a generation of leaders who are more informed, more influential, more prepared and more committed to change the world. One superhero at a time.